Salt & Fat: a nicely done, and consistent food blog

Salt & Fat: a nicely done, and consistent food blog

One blog I have been really enjoying lately is Salt & Fat. I can’t say exactly why I enjoy there blog more then the thousands of other cooking blogs, but I think it has something to do with their consistency, and well doneness of their content. Salt & Fat with mrgan & ray. Notes on Cooking & Enjoying

Each post revolves around one idea. Usually a recipe, but it could also be a kitchen instrument, or a news article that they have some commentary on. The first article that really hit home with was one about burgers. Burgers have been done to death, I think Rachel Ray said once that about a third of her 30 minute meals are a burger of some kind, but Salt & Fat’s treatment of the subject was spot-on. It was a modern, if I may, interpretation and explanation of backyard, and on the grill burgers.

So, if you were looking for a well-written insightful cooking blog take a lot at Salt & Fat.

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